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it's a good morning in atlanta, but the weather is terrible. look at this. we've got fog there. you can barely -- and, of course, a considerable amount of rain, if you wipe off the lens there. i bought new windshield wipers for my car and can't figure out how to get the blades off. working three days figuring out how to get the blades off. victor @cnn if you can help me to get the blades off. in los angeles, the death of a canadian tourist, elisa lam stumped investigators, at least for now. her body ended up in the water
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tank of a skid row hotel. this young woman appears to be frightened by something we can't see. she's waiting for the elevator. completed one autopsy but the results inconclusive and more tests ordered. number two now, the obama administration is urging the supreme court to strike down a federal law that denies benefits to married same sex couples. the defense of marriage act or doma describes marriage only between a man or woman. in a brief timed, doma treats gay and lesbian couples unequally violating the constitution. the court will hear argument next month. last week, revealed a nuclear waste tank at a washington facility was leaking. now the governor says six tanks at the hanford nuclear site are leaking toxic sludge. he says there's no immediate health risk to the public but calls the leak disturbing. the facility is considered to be the nation's most contaminated nuclear site. number four now.
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the pentagon grounded the entire fleet of f-35 fighter jets because a crack was found in the engine of one of the planes dungbillion, the f-35 program is the most expensive weapon system in military history. number five, police are on an intense manhunt foreign the occupants of a range rover involved in a las vegas shooting. shots fired from that car killed the driver of a maserati which then crashed into a taxi. the taxi driver and his occupant were both killed. it caused a major pileup on the las vegas strip and there were three others injured. now to the high-profile case of olympic icon oscar pistorius accused of murdering his model girlfriend reeva steenkamp. a south african judge granted him bail saying he's not a flight risk. it's a tale that has more twists and turns than a hollywood movie. earlier i asked jane velez-mitchell if granting bail was the right call.
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>> i do not. i think it's actually an outrage. imagine how all the people behind bars in south african james feel right now accused of lesser crimes, mind you. i think we're going to see quite possibly a whitewash in this case. i had worries about this, and here's why. it seems that the reputation of oscar pistorius is so closely intertwined with the reputation of south africa, that there is a bias to accept the world according to oscar pistorius, because to make him look bad makes south africa look bad. i think this is absolutely injustice. >> so the question then is, going further along that line, can he get a fair trial? there are politicians in south africa who say he's getting special consideration. there are some who e believe because of his fame he cannot get a fair trial. what's your call? >> i think he's going to get more than a fair trial. what about justice for reeva steenkamp? where does she come into play here? lost in all this. no longer around to tell her side of the story and frankly,
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his story does not make sense. i mean, the forensics don't back up his story. he says he was on his stumps, in terror because he feared an intruder and shot through the door. the trajectory of the bullets according to the prosecutor shows he was shooting down and then there's the arguing that witnesses reportedly heard prolonged arguing before the shooting. who has a prolonged argument with a burglar before shooting at them? it does not add up, victor. >> yeah. a lot of questions. then this entirely different story line about this lead investigator charged with attempted murder. seven counts of attempted murder. where does that play into this story line? >> it's an abomination and taints the entire case. shades of the o.j. simpson case where they argued garbage in, garbage out. already, oscar's defense attorney is saying, well, they contaminated the crime scene. almost using the same terminology used in the o.j.
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simpson case saying, they weren't wearing booties. this guy admits, oh, yeah. they ran out of booties. so everything that was collected under his watch is now tainted. another reason why we won't get justice, quite possibly. >> and this bail hearing went on four four day, and a lot of information that the defense put forward. has that jeopardized their case at all, and what is the length of the hearing, what does that tell us about the trial that's upcoming? >> this is just a national obsession in south africa and, again, i just think that there is an institutional bias here to accept his version of events. lepts face it, there's more and more evidence coming out that he may very well be a hot head. the judge even referred to allegations that he threatened to break someone's legs, the police, right after the shooting came out and said, there were previous incidents of a domestic nature. we still don't know what that is about. and he has a past. a gun went off, allegedly he was holding it as a restaurant.
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is he somebody who has a problem with temper and guns? and that as we know is a very deadly combination. >> just a few seconds left. i know we're still months out from the start of the actual trial, but do you have any prediction on this ultimate ruling? the outcome in this trial? >> listen, the judge actually asked the defense attorney, what do you think he should be charged with? ca call call culpable homicide. essentially i don't think justice will be done for. reeva, the forgotten person in all this. >> jane velez-mitchell. good to talk to you about this. >> you, too, victor. you can watch "jane velez-mitchell" weeknights on our sister network, hln. who's going to win? what will they wear and what will be the gaffe of the night? we'll talk oscars, next. i'm dr. sanjay gupta. thighs week on "the next list."
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>> my name is diana and i trade fashion and accessories with a story. look at technology, math and science and how to integrate that into the fashion design. i try to make clothing and accessories that have a story to tell, and the story could be something about a new technology. maybe it's creating laser-cut lace. i thought, why not make t-shirts that are distressed in specific places to create a lace pattern? >> it's beautiful. >> and electronic arts collective based in brooklyn. nyc resistor is a hacker space and a community of people who get together to learn, make and share things. they have a whole bunch of electronics equipment there. i feel whenever i'm doing the technical development inside of things i'll go to nyc resistor. >> that's this sunday on "the next list."
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what?! it's not bad for you. it just tastes that way. [ female announcer ] honey nut cheerios cereal -- heart-healthy, whole grain oats. you can't go wrong loving it. hollywood's biggest night is almost here. one day to go. late night has been prepping audiences all week a. movie
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about a guy with a bipolar disorder. we have a -- a movie about a president and a soon to be assassinated. a movie about a woman dieing from a stroke. now, that's entertainment, ladies and gentlemen. >> have you heard about this? officials in pakistan are complaining that the movie "zero dark thirty" contains a lot of errors about the country. they were, like, the movie makes pakistan out to be a hellish corruption and intolerance but they realize it is way worse than that. >> "lincoln" is one of the big favorites. yeah, yeah. so, of course -- of course, like lincoln, most won't stick around for the whole show. >> here to talk oscars this morning, entertainment reporters amy palmer and ken. thanks for getting up early and speaking with us. >> not a problem. >> start in new york with amy. before we do anything else, what's your pick for best
4:43 am
picture? >> we know it's going to be "argo." it has been sweeping awards season. ben affleck will walk away with an oscar. guarantee it. >> and that doesn't go for you? >> she's right with "argo" being the one everyone's thinking of. i'm going with "life of pi." "life of pi" to me deserves the best picture. gives you every feeling. happy, sad. you're involved in the whole movie. "life of pi"'s the winner in my category. >> since i'm with the ladies, kendra, best actress? >> kwa venz anyway waquvenzhane. she's shown giving him, like, acting lessons at 6 years old. i'm going with her. >> i saw that movie are and don't see a lot of movie, but her role at hushpuppy, she makes you happy, she makes you cry. she brings you to, you know, her position. her perspective as a child.
4:44 am
so, all right. let's go -- amy, the dark horse this year. a lot of favorites. you like "argo" but there are a lot of people pulling for "silver linings playbook." >> yeah. and i think that, you know, you should look at this movie. it's compelling. we've seen robert de niro campaigning for this movie, and he has broken down on national tv and cried about it. it's an important topic. many families are affected by bipolar disorder, and i think that this is a movie that really touches a lot of souls. let's not forget, you know, the academy is an older crowd. so maybe they haven't seen this film, or are not that interested, but i have to say, the american public loves this movie, and i mean, bradley cooper. what an incredible performance, and robert de niro as well, actually my pick for best supporting actor. >> one of the dark horses, could be. they love to reward a star for being a star. >> yes, they do. >> how much of that plays into the votes for oscar voters?
4:45 am
>> you know what? i think you have to just be really great in your movie. speaking of a star, i think anne hathaway will have a big night for "les mis" she stole the movie for me. she sang to me. when a person grabs you into their life and you're cying with them every step of the way, they deserve the oscar. anne hathaway is a star. i see her walking onstage and getting an apard tomorrow. >> we have seen for losing, gaining weight, cut their hair. you put your body into it. >> exactly. >> what it's your dark horse tomorrow? a side from "life of pi"? >> my dark horse tomorrow, i'm going tore quvenzhane wallis. the youngest winner ever for her age. i can't wait to see her on the stage. >> amy, talk "argo" because ben affleck has scooped up best director awards in everything else, from s.a.g. to critics awards, but not nominated here.
4:46 am
how is this happening? how will it resonate during the ceremony? >> i think ben affleck is walking around hollywood feeling justified these days. he's been sweeping awards season. he really is hollywood's golden boy at this moment and feels he's been redeemed for a lot of that j. lo years. let's not forget what he came from. he's saying to hollywood, i'm a serious director. i love my art. i'm here to stay. even though you didn't nominate me this time around, you can guarantee you're going to see me for many years to come. i think this is while he's not nominated in the category he wants to be, i think that this guy is here to stay and i think that, you know, the public is very happy for him. we've seen ben affleck grow up before our eyes, and i think we're soon forgetting the j. lo episode. >> i forgot about the bennifer years. >> how could you forget? >> i forgot about those years. >> now he's got the beard and all that. so let's talk about who's going to win overall.
4:47 am
we talked about best picture, but so many awards given out. who's going to walk away with most, do you think? >> "lincoln" might walk away with the most in several categories, because danny day -- >> daniel day-lewis. >> win for best actor for sure. "argo" a big winner in differ categories, too, but overall, my favorites. i just love "life of pi." i'm so sad the world is not talking about this movie more as in being an oscar winner. in 3d. it's a great family movie and i want it to do well. >> a spectacle. >> yes. a lot went into that. just to have that moment. you haven't seen it yet, but you have got to watch it. >> i haven't. i will. >> i think that this movie, though, could take best director for ang lee, look at the cinematography. it's stunning. he wanted it to be authentic and actually worked with a real-life person that was ship wrecked to get that authenticity. kendra, they might walk away
4:48 am
with this reward. don't fear over there. >> hopefully at least one. more than one, at least, for "life of pi." >> a big one. >> we have an oscar nominee coming up later in the show. we'll talk about that. kendra, aim thank you so much. >> thank you. >> thank you. be sure to watch our red carpet special tomorrow night. "the road to the gold" begins right here at 6:00 p.m. eastern right here on cnn. seeing the world at 200 miles per hour. that's what it would be like for the drivers at daytona this weekend. coming up we'll talk to a histo history-making speed demon who's hoping that lightning will strike twice. but first, here's a look at a memorable oscar moment. speaking of ben affleck, matt damon, they win their first for "good will hunting." the capital one cash rewards card gives you 1% cash back on all purchases, plus a 50% annual bonus. and everyone likes 50% more... [ midwestern/chicago accent ] cheddar! yeah!
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sports fans are looking south this weekend to daytona and the so-called super bowl of motor sports, the daytona 500. most of the buzz has been about danica patrick. she won the pole and is looking to be the first woman to win the race. trevor baine became the fastest rookie. but he has seen some ups and towns since then. he joins me now from the track. big weekend for you. first let's talk about that 2011 win. what does that feel like? >> it's pretty incredible, man. i was standing right here with the car right hiepd me, confetti
4:53 am
flying over me. i was 20 years old then. i hope i have more to experience, but by far the wildest one i've ever been part of. >> when you win it at 20, your rookie year, the amount of pressure has ton unimaginable. tell us what you felt after that big win and since then? >> we're actually running part time that season. there wasn't a whole lot of pressure as far as the championship was concerned. we wanted to go get wins, run top five and be strong. didn't know what was going to happen after that 5 h00, if we were going to going to sponsorship to rup all the time. it's been a roller coaster ride. i've tried to stay off the ride as much as i can, stay in the middle, stay calm and prepared. this season i've got an opportunity to run full time in the nationwide series for the championship. i'm excited about that to go run
4:54 am
for the championship the first time in the last couple of years and we'll be running part time in the cup series as well and try to go get some wins over there. >> let's talk about the 500. we've been talking and hearing a lot about danica patrick. danica maina. do you feel the drivers and everybody else is getting lost in this hype? >> well, i don't know. it's -- >> that's a tough one to answer, i know. i know. >> what's that? i couldn't hear you there. >> it's a tough one to answer, i know. >> yeah. no, i think she deserves the hype. i couldn't exactly hear your question. i heard something about danica and the media mania. she deserves a little bit of the hype. she set the pole. there's a lot of talk about her. it can be good for the sport or overwhelming a little bit. she's a girl, female doing well in our sport. she's deserved it but also has to race on sunday and we'll see what she's got then. >> you're all suited up, back on the track in a few hours.
4:55 am
other than talking to us, how do you prepare? >> you know, on race day, it's really about hydration and just hanging out with your team, talking about strategy, what you're going to do. here at daytona not a whole lot of strategy comes into it from the pit box. the whole field kind of pits together. you can't pit by yourself because you'll lose the draft. it's looking down pit road, seeing what's going on. but as far as preparation for me, on race day you're kind of to the point where if you haven't prepared by then, you're in trouble. we try to do our preparation before we get to the track and before qualifying. obviously we have a little bit of practice today to get the car dialled in and hopefully get ready for that 500. >> for people who have never been there -- i worked in florida for years and saw the 500 for myself. for people who have never been to a race, the 500, explain the energy there. >> it's a special race. when you look in the the
4:56 am
grandstands at this place, the history that's happened here, how big this place, everybody is so hyped up and amped up. we've been sitting around, waiting for race season to start up. it's time to start up the engines and get the race season started. everybody should experience it at least once. >> trevor bayne, you have a full-time ride. good luck this weekend. good luck in the series. >> thanks, guys. appreciate it. sure. now to baseball. pros are warming up in florida and arizona right now. the college players seem to be in mid season form. check this out. sacramento state versus uc riverside. a shove, a punch. and then a melee. home opener for sacramento state. two teams play a doubleheader today. we'll see what happens there. twice the opportunities to turn it up again. i want you to watch this shot.
4:57 am
pay attention to this from los angeles clippers game. a fan out of the stands nails it from half court. the shot won him a car and a hug from one of the clippers dancers. i'm sure he's happy about the car, but she's nice. canadian tourist, leaves police searching for answers. but the woman's sad demise is just the latest in the hotel's sordid past. you gotta taste this soup. xúxúwthis day calls you.
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